3 Easy DIY Toys You Can Create Along With Your Kid

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Do-It-Yourself or DIY comes area unit a growing trend in households all over. There area unit books, blogs and websites (such because the ever illustrious Pinterest) dedicated to the topic. It even has its TV network. Except for the trend, the DIY movement is targeted on delivery individuals back to the fundamentals of living merely in a very time once a convenience and instant gratification appear to be our highest priority.

One way families will take pleasure in the DIY expertise is to create toys for kids out of objects already lying around the home. Since the DIY movement encourages craftiness, creativeness and thinking outside the box, folks wouldn’t like technical skills or access to overpriced provides. The chances area unit endless and therefore, the artistic method can give a brand new appreciation for the way kids play with toys.

Here could be a list of familiar toys that you and your kids will use to play at home:

1. Colour Sorter

Here are another straightforward and fun thanks to teaching your small fry colours and develop their linguistic skills. All you would like is three honest ingredients!

Materials :

  • 4-5 egg cartons
  • Old newspapers
  • Paints
  • Instructions

How to make :

  • Paint individual sheets of the newspaper within the colour of your alternative
  • Crush and roll these sheets into balls
  • Paint the egg cartons admire the colour of the balls
  • Help your small fry place these painted balls within the right egg carton

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2. Cardboard Puzzle

Children love resolution puzzles, and from toddlers to older kids, virtually everybody loves the challenge concerned. Puzzles area unit a helpful manner of building curiosity in tiny ones and honing their problem-solving skills.

Materials :

  • A big piece of cardboard
  • A page from an image book or magazine
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Instructions

How to make :

  • Stick the magazine/picture book page on a cardboard piece of comparable size with glue.
  • Cut this into several items completely different|of various} sizes and shapes in such how that they give the impression of being like different elements of a puzzle.
  • Mix them up and raise your toddler to hitch them.
  • You can create several similar ones with colouring pages, cereal boxes so on.

3. Sensory Board

Children area unit, by nature, extremely challenging. You’d have typically noticed your tiny ones attempting to open cabinets, feel new surfaces or maybe manipulate. Thus why not produce a centralised space to satiate their urge for exploration?

Materials :

  • Thick cardboard which will be mounted on the wall
  • Ziplock bag crammed with paper
  • Ziplock filled with coloured water (using natural food colouring)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Different unsmooth materials
  • Strands of wool
  • Sandpaper
  • A recent calculator
  • Some delicate spices- cinnamon, cardamom
  • The last rattle
  • Wooden spoon
  • A contemporary steel bowl
  • Other ‘child-safe’ objects that tickle your tiny one’s curiosity
  • Instructions

How to make :

  • Decide on a draft layout for all of your objects
  • Secure the objects on to the board with the tape
  • Watch as your kid moves from object to object discovering new things through his senses

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